The Norfolk Black Chicken has been exclusively bred by Traditional Norfolk Poultry Ltd.



Born and raised in East Anglia from traditional, slow-growing breeds, the Norfolk Black Chicken is grown in small flocks, with freedom to roam across meadows and woodland, encouraged to express their natural behaviour; dust bathing, perching and foraging.

Their black feathers and iconic black legs, contrasted with a striking gold collar make this chicken really distinctive.

The black hocks can be recognised as a guarantee of authenticity when this delicious chicken is served.




Our hens are grown on small family farms to Red Tractor and RSPCA Assured standards.  Also, working closely with the Woodland Trust, we have planted thousands of trees and developed woodland areas to encourage the chickens to range freely.




The heritage in the parent stock is the French Label system (Label Rouge), renowned for their superior taste and eating quality. Through years of research and development, our Norfolk Black Chicken offers plump and meaty breasts with fantastic texture, complemented by rich, gamey dark meat.





This breeds’ natural instinct to range and forage allows the Norfolk Black Chicken to slowly develop excellent, dense, traditional flavours.  To further enhance the succulence and quality of the meat, the Norfolk Black Chicken is fed a corn rich diet, complemented by herbs and berries found while foraging across meadows.




The wildlife strips encourage our chickens to range further and they also allow flora and fauna to flourish. They are rich in insects and butterflies, which in turn attract many wild bird species, such as swallows and swifts, and because we farm organically, sky larks thrive.




Animal welfare is paramount, but being environmentally conscious closely follows.

As part of our sustainability plan we heat our brooding sheds using biomass boilers, fuelled by wood pellets sourced from sustainably farmed forestry.  This produces far less carbon dioxide than gas heaters that are commonly used.  We also compost all of the manure our Norfolk Black Chicken’s produce and spread it back onto farmers’ fields to enrich their soil, helping their crops to thrive.


The Norfolk Black Chicken tastes like chicken used to taste!

Currently available through trade outlets and in premium restaurants across the country.

Also available in select Sainsbury's stores nationwide.



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